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At Dosher Refrigeration, we know that HVAC maintenance is essential for optimal and efficient performance. In order to do that, we have provided you with some seasonal maintenance tips to help you keep your HVAC system running and healthy in between service checks.

Basic Maintenance Tips:

  • Change air filters at least every three months
  • Have an annual inspection for carbon monoxide and gas leaks prior to starting your furnace
  • Replace your carbon monoxide detector battery twice a year- doing it when time changes take effect is an easy way to remember
  • Inspect refrigerant lines each month
  • Keep AC & heat units free of leaves, pollen and grass
  • Clear AC condensate drain annually

Summer Maintenance

During the summer season, temperatures in El Paso can reach pretty epic heights. El Paso residents know that when summer is here, watching out for elderly relatives and neighbors as well as pets and small children can avoid dangerous or fatal situations. Keeping HVAC systems at their most efficient can be all the difference in surviving the brutal desert summers in the city.

During Summer Season:

  • Set thermostat to 76-78 degrees
  • Keep as much sunlight out by using blinds or curtains, especially when no one is home
  • For evaporative cooling, keep windows open two inches
  • For refrigerated cooling, keep windows and doors closed
  • Turn off water to furnace humidifier

Winter Maintenance

While El Paso is lucky not to have terrible winter weather, the desert can still have pretty chilly temperatures, especially at night. Residents should make sure their home insulation is up to code so that warm air has less of a chance to escape. When temperatures drop, we recommend to bring pets inside, as well as temperature sensitive plants. If you are cold, they are cold too!

During Winter Season:

  • Set thermostat to 68-72 degrees
  • Allow as much sunlight into the home by opening blinds and curtains
  • Keep the thermostat at 62-65 degrees at night
  • Reverse your ceiling fans to push heat down and around rooms
  • Make sure your heating units are properly installed and clear of debris to prevent fire hazards