Gas Furnace Repair

Gas Furnace Repair

Heating equipment is complicated. As we all know, when one component malfunctions, the whole system suffers. Gas furnaces have become much more efficient and safer in recent years. Dosher offers reliable gas furnace repair, as well as preventive maintenance.

It may be extremely difficult to identify if the heating problem is truly an emergency. Leaving this unattended can cause more large-scale and expensive damage to the heating system. The best option would be to to rely on an experienced heating service professional. An expert at Dosher Refrigeration will gladly determine the problem of the furnace.

At Dosher Refrigeration we recommend our customers to perform regular checkups on their heating equipment to ensure performance and fix any simple problems before they become serious. Home and even commercial property owners can be sure to avoid these emergencies by performing regular checkups. A gas furnace is no exception.

Dosher Refrigeration has the professional experience to do the job right the first time. That includes gas furnace repair, changing filters and conducting heating system tune-ups.

Common Gas Furnace Units Malfunctions

Dosher Refrigeration experts specialize in repairing the following gas furnace units malfunctions:

  • Gas Leaks
  • Carbon Monoxide Leak
  • Blower Assembly Damage
  • Heater Damage

All of these issues can cause worry to any home or commercial property owner. For this reason, we employ professionally trained technicians who deal with these emergencies on a routine basis. Furthermore, they are fully equipped to solve these major problems and restore peace of mind. We truly understand the value of keeping customers’ families safe.

Even more so, some of our customers prefer to conduct a gas furnace tune-up to avoid a possible emergency. Hence, our technicians are well versed in these services. They will first perform a full inspection of the system. They spot trouble areas and wear and tear that can lead to leaks or damage. Our technicians will lubricate metal parts to avoid friction, which can also lead to unnecessary wear and tear. We can also make adjustments to the pilot and gas pressure to return these parts to manufacturer standards. And of course, a furnace tune-up should include replacing filters.

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