Air Conditioning Repair in El Paso Texas


During the long hot days in El Paso, Texas, there is nothing more valuable than good quality air conditioning. Of course, there is also nothing worse than a home with a hot stuffy atmosphere. At Dosher Refrigeration in El Paso, Texas we are the go-to technicians for quality service and help with AC problems.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

We quickly diagnose any air conditioning problem and have the AC system up and running in no time. Our experts are familiar with a wide variety of issues to include air conditioning that is not cooling, a unit making a lot of noise when operating, or a system that won’t turn on or won’t turn off. Experiencing these problems can be frightening. We know that many El Pasoans choose to service their own cooling systems, especially swamp coolers. However, our technicians can go above and beyond the common knowledge. They are experts that receive continual training.

Also, the service we provide is offered to customers at factory prices. Therefore, Dosher Refrigeration is an affordable company to turn to for emergencies or upkeep of air conditioning systems. On top of all that, our work comes with a warranty. Our experts can offer this because we are confident in the service we provide.

Furthermore, our team of technicians each have extensive training and technical skills to provide superior service for air conditioning repairs and installation. Not only that, we ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest technologies and information available in the HVAC industry. Our previous customers continue to trust us with all their air conditioner services. They understand that at Dosher Refrigeration, we pride ourselves in treating our clients like family.

We are experts in Air Conditioning Repair, Contact Us for Professional Service

We are just a call or a form away! Schedule your air conditioning repair or upkeep with us. We can repair all major AC brands and all air conditioning malfunctions. Our technicians know that your time and comfort are valuable. We take your needs seriously.

Request your quote today. Our attentive staff is available from Monday through Friday. Call Dosher Refrigeration (915) 821-4200 today and we will take care of your Residential Air Conditioning Problems.